About Roop Jewelry

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Hi, I'm Shilpi and I'm the creator of Roop Jewelry. Roop in Hindi means form, as in a person's form of beauty. I'm inspired by vintage design, abstract shapes, and an explosion of color. As a libra, aesthetics have always been an important part of my life. As a South Asian woman, I want to share that art and creativity have a place in our culture too. As a maker, color and expression are the two things that drive & define me. 

Shilpi Tomar founder and creator of roop jewelry based in Oakland, Ca

With Roop, I want to create wearable art. I'm originally from the Bay Area, but lived in London to go to fashion school for a couple of years. London was a melting pot of creativity and culture. I was amazed by all the people who were able to express themselves to their fullest extent without fear of judgement. There were so many niche style groups and subcultures. From then I learned that there are no rules to fashion, just wear what makes you feel best. 

Millefiori earrings in yellow

When I created Roop, I wanted to share my personal style. It's playful and sophisticated. It's vibrant and elegant. It's loud and dainty. We're all eclectic in our own way, constantly evolving and re-inventing ourselves. Why not create pieces that reflect our creative side? 

As I went on, I started to think about how Roop will show up in a world of mass production and waste. Having worked in the fashion industry, I know how much waste goes into production.

Millefiori dangle earrings blue and green

The materials I choose are ethically sourced from other small and local businesses, I design and craft everything by hand in my jewelry studio in Oakland, and often use vintage and recycled glass beads, natural gemstone, glass, and other materials that are kind to the earth. I also repurpose deadstock and renew old pieces to give them new life.  

Dripping freshwater pearl earrings with 18k gold plated beads

During 2020 I used art as a way to cope with what was going on in the world. During that period of self reflection, I realized that I'm meant to create and make things by hand. I'm my fullest and happiest when I'm able to channel my creativity into designing and creating beauty in this world. If you feel that way too, I encourage you to keep going. No one is stopping you. 

Stay creative,