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What's dead stock and why does it matter?

You might have heard the term "dead stock" used more lately, especially with up & coming sustainable fashion brands.  What exactly is dead stock, and why are people talking about it?

In traditional retail, dead stock refers to products that didn't sell. When something doesn't make it to a customers' home, retailers usually have a three options. They can put that item on sale, send it to an outlet, or burn it. Yes, burn it.

Luxury brands are notorious for burning products that don't sell. Why? Because they think that putting their products on sale diminishes the value of their brand. They'd rather burn or throw away perfectly in-shape handbags, clothing made of high quality fabrics, and jewelry that could have been taken apart and redesigned into something new.

Not only is it wasteful for the environment, it just doesn't take into consideration that perfectly good materials can easily be used to make something new. Now, a bunch of companies are starting to take notice. In fact, a few brands are creating their products purely out of dead stock and recycled materials. 

At Roop Jewelry, I ensure that every bead, finding, and charm is used. The beauty of being a small and local business is that the supply chain is in my studio, and I can easily take something apart and repurpose a perfectly good piece into something better.

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